Child Themes

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Child Themes

If you are trying to build a website for your small business with WordPress and utilizing one of the thousands of themes that are available, you need to consider creating a child theme. So if you haven’t heard of a child theme or know why they are important here are a few reasons to create one.

What is a child theme?

A child theme lets you make changes to the parent theme without affecting the customizations you made to your website. A child theme inherits the look, feel and functionality of the parent theme.

A child theme allows you to:

  • Keep customizations separate from the parent theme
  • Allows your parent theme to update without modifying your website
  • A separate set of files
  • Never ruin your original theme and can always fall back to the original

WordPress themes allow for a lot of flexibility when designing a website. Child themes are perfect for modifying your website without losing customizations when a parent theme is updated. Since they are separate file you will always have the option to fall back to your original theme. If are thinking of building a website and need a partner for every step of the way, your local small business website designer will assure you create a website specifically geared for your business.

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