How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

The Perfect Facebook Post

With the Facebook algorithm constantly changing and being tweaked, it is important to make sure we know what Facebook looks for in each of our posts.

The new algorithm puts emphasis on friends and family. They will come first on the news feed. It is important to create engaging, shareable content to reach maximum impressions and visibility.

Don’t be afraid to give your page some personality. Many marketing professionals will tell you your website is the face of your company. I won’t argue with that, but I will say your Facebook business page is your company’s first impression to a potential client or customer.

Here are a few tips that will help guide you through building the perfect Facebook post:

  • Use hi-resolution pictures. Each of your posts should include some sort of media. An all text post is easy to scroll past and miss. Images catch your eye and draw people to the post. Use them in conjunction with text or as a stand alone.
  • Create fun videos. Videos are the way of the world. Take some time creating fun videos that showcase your company or a client. This also gives people an inside look at your company’s personality. Keep the videos to less than a minute. Our attention spans are very short.
  • Utilize trending topics. Using and sharing trending topics will help get you to the top of news feeds. Select the topic carefully, make sure it has something to do with your business. With the recent election, it is easy to get caught up and post something against a candidate. You do not want to put off any current or potential clients because of something you say on Facebook.
  • Be informative and entertaining. These posts will generate likes well after the time it was posted. With the new algorithm taking into account when people are liking and commenting on a post, it is important to create posts that people will find useful and entertaining well after the posted date.

Make sure you post on a consistent basis. Facebook likes when you continuously post engaging content. Make sure you are working off a schedule. It hurts your page if you post a great video and then disappear. Use the scheduling option to make sure you always have a post ready to go.

The key is to take the time create a strategy when it comes to posting on Facebook, and all other social media. Make sure you are taking the time to analyze and use your Facebook insights. Knowing when your page gets the most engagement will give you a good idea of when to post.

If you use the tips and stay fun, engaging, and informing, it will all take care of itself.

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