Logo Design for New Baseball Organization

Custom Logo Design

We are proud to create the logo design for the Warriors Baseball Club in Charlotte, NC and partner with them to develop their website and social media accounts. Starting a new team let alone an entire program is one of the most challenging tasks in sports. Matt Coffey, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and PR for the Warriors Baseball Club, reached out to us to design a logo that not only matched the pride of his players but would create excitement and dedication for future stars.

We make the Process Easy

The process was simple, they already had a name and had a general idea of what logo they envisioned. Matt called on Grey Sheep to get them the design they had been looking for. In a few short hours we not only achieved the final design but were able to work with Matt and get his new social media design for the Warriors Baseball Club Facebook page as well as assist with web design on the new website.

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