November 11, 2016

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Building Lasting Relationships

Social media allows you to breakdown the barrier between you and your customers, giving you a personal and relatable voice to facilitate open dialogue and build lasting relationships. It is the key to communications between your business and your customers. Whether it’s troubleshooting a problem or engaging in an industry specific discussion, social media is where your clients and potential clients will learn who you are.

At Grey Sheep, our social media management experts are on top of today’s social trends. Knowing where your market is engaging is key for maximizing your marketing budget. Rather than spreading out key time to every network, we know which networks to focus on for your business.

Our Social Media Management team will:

  • Audit your current platforms
  • Research your competitors
  • Create an effective strategy to hit your target market with engaging content
  • Use a content calendar to stay on top of what is being posted, to where, and when
  • Setting up networks on sites that will maximize your ROI
  • Create advertising campaigns specifically targeted to your market


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