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The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

Small Business Social Media Made Simple


Marketing research shows that advertisers are spending more than 500% more on millennials than any others. What do millennials want?Social media and they want targeted content that is specific to them! The hard part is understanding what is the right content for your customers and what are the best avenues to engage them. Social media is one of the easiest ways to engage with customers, but what are the correct ways a small business social media account should develop and utilize social media?


Profile Pitfalls

Many small businesses want to expand their channels to increase brand recognition. The simple, yet not always effective, solution is to create a social media profile on every platform. At Grey Sheep, we warn you to stay away from this approach. Focus on one or two profiles and determine these by understanding which social media platforms your target customer engage with most. Each business is different so finding the right one can sometimes be challenging.

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Don’t Be Fooled By “Free”

Although it may be free to set up most profiles, they are in fact not free! It can take hours to create your small business social media profiles as well as time each week to develop content, interact with customers and maintain an active presence for each. Add up all the hours each week and this is taking time away from running your business. You need a lot of followers before your social media marketing will pay off and having a sound strategy will be crucial to building your social presence.


Deliver What Your Customers Want

At Grey Sheep, we believe that having a “progression” approach will create the best strategy for your small business. Here is an example, if you write a blog on your website on Monday:

Monday: Share blog post on Facebook

Tuesday: Share blog post on LinkedIn

Thursday: Share blog post on Twitter

Saturday: Create an Instagram Graphic and share the link in your profile

The following week you can highlight a few key points in various tweets and Facebook posts all linking back to the blog on your website. Make sure you are adding relevant hashtags to posts that your customers would be interested in.


Why do we do it this way? Many of your followers are not going to see every post you create. This approach will give you a steady stream of content that can be used again and again. Being able to reuse content will save you time and reinforces why content is so important.


The Golden Rule

The number one rule with creating your small business social media presence is Don’t Sell! People don’t login to Facebook or Twitter to buy something, they login to be entertained. Think of social media as a touch-point with your customer to get them to visit your website. Produce emotion, teach them something new and implant value for free.
Increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty should be the goal for your social media platforms. Use your social media presence to establish yourself as an industry influencer and demonstrate your ability to spread engaging information without selling.

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